Here are a few shot of the outside of the pod. Not to shabby. I'm right unter the Starband antenna, which probably
isn't good for my health, what with the side lobes and all. Maybe the aluminum hull will afford me some protection.

The first step was to frame in a bed, I removed the queen bed and used some drawers my parents generously provided,
framed them in and threw some plywood and a matress on it.

The next phase was the desk. Note there is plenty of room for the triple LCDs, and a full desk of crap
I had a few doubters who thought this would be too tight of a fit.

I had to have a place for my two shuttles discovery (linux,left) and columbia (windows, right)
The UPS and 220GB firewire RAID5 enclosure are below, along with my 80 GB USB pack (the black box on the raid)
Because the 120GB seagates in the shuttles wasn't an obscene enough amount of space when I bought them.
On top is where Hecuba (my cat) sleeps. She seems to be adjusting to pod life now.

The dinette converts to a bed, or in my case a staging area as I figure out what stays and what goes into permanent storage.

But I made room for my Asus Pundit and borrowed a receiver for my mythtv setup. I was worried about heat so I added an
intake and exhaust fan to the cabinet. And now tuxvo stays frosty cool.

Here are some shots of the hallway and living room, well living area, as the whole place is like a big room.
My mother sewed me some striped slip covers and curtains. The tan curtains are being phased out for the blue.

Here's where my other roomate "Mark" bunks. You know I wouldn't have left him behind.

I tried to get some pictures through the back window, but the screen shows up better then the room.

Here is an easter egg/bunny my mom put in front of the pod, to make it festive, this shot is really for blair, so enjoy.

I made a bathroom for Hecuba out of a cabinet and sealed it off from the rest of the pod. Cat litter
odor moves quick in a pod. The indoor cat-airlock door can be seen in the first picture.

This is the outside of the cat-airlock. The external access panel makes a great cat ledge.
Well, I've had no complaints from the cat.

More pictures of the desk, including my x-box running XBMC.
(it can boot into MythTV as well, but the rest of the family is using XBMC right now, so I'm testing.)
Both linux and windows are booted up.

I finished the pergo in the living "room." I loathe carpet. It is nothing but a dust collector.

New shots of the "finished" living room.

And now the kitchen has an washer dryer unit that is inoperable. That was going to be another rant.
(It still might be.) But after Le Charget and my cell phone, I was pretty ranted out.

I finally got the MythTV setup, err set up. It is integrated with the powerfile jukebox using some
home-grown perl scripts and with the two DirecTV receivers via a redrat2 and a redrat3.

And here is th obligitory picture of my cat. Her name is Hecuba, and she is pure evil.